Wittiest Tips on Choosing The Right Promo Bag

Wittiest Tips on Choosing The Right Promo Bag

by Thomas Bell

Custom bags certainly make the perfect promo bags that you can give as corporate give aways. These will, without a doubt, leave a lasting impression on your target audience. Promoting your brand or products and services can be easy and cost-effective when you buy custom bags in bulk and give them to your loyal clients and prospective customers. Giving them something useful will grab their attention and make them feel value. This is why a lot of companies these days use promotional merchandise to give away if they have the means and budget to do it. And getting custom bags is one of the preferred ways to do it. Custom bags are wonderful corporate gifts since these can effortlessly excite clients and loyal personnel because it is fashionable and useful.

It offers the best opportunity to make the brand name or logo visible. After all, if you are going to give them something useful, they will likely carry it around and this, in turn, will be a free walking ad and help you get more attention from prospective clients. This visibility can be converted to brand awareness which will lead to increased productivity and sales.

But do you know the right way to purchase custom bags? So, if you plan to order from an online store, here are some tips to help you get started:

You can start your search by going through your preferred search engine and look for custom bags Australia. Keep in mind that there are about hundreds of sellers and even dealers of promo bag. So make sure you have criteria set in mind.

You can also look for websites that offer custom promo bags that are in wholesale price or sold in bulks. This can actually help you save a lot of money. Always ask for some price quotations of their wholesale items. And once they have given you the information that you need, you can always compare these prices with the rest of the dealers you’ve come across. It also helps to find a company that offers competitive price and offers a price match for their times. This can help you make an informed decision regarding the terms of the price, quantity and also the quality of the items that you want. You can also ask for the right discount and also check if your orders are placed correctly. You need to check the shipping and other costs before finalizing your transaction.

Why Should You Giveaway a Branded Merchandise

Why Should You Giveaway a Branded Merchandise

by Thomas Bell

There are a lot of ways to make your brand know to the general public and one way to do this is to give away branded merchandise. You will be able to get their attention by putting your brand on certain merchandises like cooler bags and sport bags. These comes in an array of shapes and sizes, which allows you to take a look around and decide on which one could give you the biggest promotional benefit for your merchandise. A branded merchandise will be able to help create a good impression among your clients, employees and also potential clients. With quality made branded bags, you will never go wrong.

Why should you use branded and quality bag as promo giveaways? Basically, it has reliable quality and you can be sure that these quality bags will serve longer when compared to those cheap and low-quality bags in the market these days. This is why you should always opt for companies that offer quality made custom bags. With high-quality promotional bags, you have the assurance that these will not easily breakdown and rip after a few uses, and also, its prints will not peel off, which will defeat its main purpose of increasing your brand awareness. Quality bags will have a color that will not fade after a few washes. Most quality custom bags for sale these days are stains-resistance and you can easily wash off any unpleasant smell out of frequent.

The money that you invested in buying the bags will pay off since the longer that the bag is used by your clients, then the longer it will remind them of your brand. And if they are looking for something that relates to your product, then your brand will be the first thing that will come into mind, this is what we call “brand retention” and this is one of the main things why we give these as giveaway. The same goes when your clients us them outside since it can be seen by their friends, family and even co-workers. You will have something that will market and promote your brand every day without needing to spend more money as part of your promotional strategy. So if you want to make your promotional merchandise interesting, you need to buy interesting and more useful items that clients can use both outdoors or anywhere there is people who can see them. Because your purpose is to make your brand known and at the same time your client will benefit from it.

The Only Tip You Need: Printed Calico Bags For Promotional Marketing

The Only Tip You Need: Printed Calico Bags For Promotional Marketing

by Thomas Bell

Basically, there are a lot of ways you can promote your company or your brand. Frankly, every in the business industry wants to make enough provide at the same time serve the people you wish to serve. Both of these are equally important. And you will be able to achieve this through using the promotional merchandise such as calico bags. For instance, giving away printed calico bags can help you attract more customers. This will also help attract more clients, give your company to save money, ultimately increase profit and get a good reputation or image for your brand.

Promotional bags attract more costumers. This is actually one of the perks of having eco-friendly promotional products as a giveaway since is these can attract more potential clients who are likely support and favor your brand as soon as they know that you offer quality products and appreciate your clients. This gives your business an edge over your competitors.

Your clients and potentially clients will also appreciate in knowing that you are offering something eco-friendly. A lot of people nowadays are concerned about the environment, which should always be the case for everyone, this is why more and more people are becoming aware of the value of using eco-friendly products like Printed Calico Bags. These are a great substitute for plastic bags, which you can use to carry your grocery items and other shopping items. The moment that your target audience sees that you are using organic materials and reusable promotional items. This will help them see your company in a different light and a much more beneficial light at that!

Promotional bags can also provide your company extra savings when it comes to your promotional campaigns. This will allow you to promote your business effectively without having to sacrifice other necessary expenses since these bags will perfectly fit any budget. This is why you need to look for companies that offer promo gears at a wholesale price. This will help you save a lot of money. And you can save money by turning this to a walking ad. This kind of promotional strategy doesn’t need a large amount to advertise your brand just like it would with billboards, TV and radio ads. And this is actually a snowballed opportunity. Since if you are going to offer them something useful, they are bound to use them every day and this creates a bigger window of opportunity for more people to see your brand.

Foolproof Tips Choosing the Right Fabric for a Promotional Bag

Foolproof Tips Choosing the Right Fabric for a Promotional Bag

by Thomas Bell

So, you’ve finally decided to use a promo bag as part of your marketing campaign. So the next decision is to choose the type of fabric you should use. There are a lot of choices there’s the non-woven, glass laminated paper bags, canvas bags and more. There are also cotton types and those made from recyclable materials.

Here are fool proof tips to use when choosing the right fabric for your promo bag:


Brand values

Determine what’s the value of your brand. Is it colorful, vibrant and youthful? There are non-woven tote bags that offer a better platform and canvass to make for creativity and printing. It also offers better color choices. But if you are looking for something more traditional and natural, you can always use cotton bags since these are earthier and reflects the same brand values.


Purpose of the bag

Find out how you want the bag to be used. Do you want something that people can use outdoors? Then having a waterproof material can be helpful in this case. If you want something that people can put heavy items in, then you can choose the woven bags, which can have the durability to support even heavy grocery items. It helps to know that function of the bag so that you can choose the type of material which will benefit the use and its intended purpose.



The price is a driving factor for many. But any is worth spending as long as it gives you the quality that your clients deserve. However, you can still get quality and affordability with wholesale promo bags. Furthermore, there are companies that offer non-woven materials that are eco-friendly and gives you a complete print coverage but is more cost efficient that the rest of the bag materials. It costs less than the cotton bag.



You have to consider the potential design since this will affect the kind of printing method to be used on the bag.  For instance, non-woven, cotton and jute fabrics work well with silk screen printing. The most intricate and detailed designs and be used in single print colors. You can also use heat transfer for non-woven bags, cotton bags, and jute fabrics. But the full-color process is best on non-woven fabrics and woven bags. These will offer a vibrant and modern look to the bag and there is no limit to creativity when it comes to full-color process.

Epic Formula To Choosing Promotional Bags

Epic Formula To Choosing Promotional Bags

by Thomas Bell

Bags provide a great number of opportunities for promotional marketers. But the trick is to work with companies that fully understand you, your market and know how to maximize the true potential of promotional merchandise.

For many years, promo bags have been used in countless exhibitions as a way to boost brand awareness during these events and shows. And it only makes perfect sense. So, when it comes to your own custom bag for the company, how can you make sure that it will give you the edge that you need to stand out and create a lasting impression to your target audience? Well here are some epic tricks that we have gathered in our years of experience in the industry of providing promotional bags for companies and events:


Lead the Brand and Inform Customers

It is about creating a whole level of experience for people. You want people to talk and integrate it throughout the entire campaign and show. You need to create real value instead of just a perceived value. So make sure you treat your bags as a part of your marketing campaign instead of a supplement. You can do this by only using quality promo gears. The quality of your products and services will reflect on the quality of your promo items. So, always prioritize quality above everything else.


Gravitational Pull

People tend to gravitate towards brands that offer a new perspective. Don’t just use a branded bag and put a logo on it. Think of ways how you can convey your message through printed images and use something that works with the brand. You need to use eye-catching design and vibrant message that compliments your campaign.


New and Fresh Approach

Look for bags that are useful, practical and fits your branding. You can choose different sizes but make sure that your brand doesn’t get lost with the crown.


Plan Carefully

The longer the lead time, then the wider the options you will have. You will have a chance to look for companies that offer better quality at an affordable price. And you will be able to save money if you order in advance instead of getting an express service, which costs a lot of money.


Think Green

A lot of people nowadays are conscious about the environment and wants to support eco-friendly products. By incorporating a “green message” to your brand, you will be able to tap into these people. People tend to patronize something that supports a cause and what better cause than saving the environment. You can use eco-friendly items and offer them to your clients.