So, you’ve finally decided to use a promo bag as part of your marketing campaign. So the next decision is to choose the type of fabric you should use. There are a lot of choices there’s the non-woven, glass laminated paper bags, canvas bags and more. There are also cotton types and those made from recyclable materials.

Here are fool proof tips to use when choosing the right fabric for your promo bag:


Brand values

Determine what’s the value of your brand. Is it colorful, vibrant and youthful? There are non-woven tote bags that offer a better platform and canvass to make for creativity and printing. It also offers better color choices. But if you are looking for something more traditional and natural, you can always use cotton bags since these are earthier and reflects the same brand values.


Purpose of the bag

Find out how you want the bag to be used. Do you want something that people can use outdoors? Then having a waterproof material can be helpful in this case. If you want something that people can put heavy items in, then you can choose the woven bags, which can have the durability to support even heavy grocery items. It helps to know that function of the bag so that you can choose the type of material which will benefit the use and its intended purpose.



The price is a driving factor for many. But any is worth spending as long as it gives you the quality that your clients deserve. However, you can still get quality and affordability with wholesale promo bags. Furthermore, there are companies that offer non-woven materials that are eco-friendly and gives you a complete print coverage but is more cost efficient that the rest of the bag materials. It costs less than the cotton bag.



You have to consider the potential design since this will affect the kind of printing method to be used on the bag.  For instance, non-woven, cotton and jute fabrics work well with silk screen printing. The most intricate and detailed designs and be used in single print colors. You can also use heat transfer for non-woven bags, cotton bags, and jute fabrics. But the full-color process is best on non-woven fabrics and woven bags. These will offer a vibrant and modern look to the bag and there is no limit to creativity when it comes to full-color process.