Gloss Laminated Paper Bags

downloadGo Falcon Promotions offers gloss laminated paper bags as part of our promo merchandise selections. We manufacture and sell these laminated paper bags as a wholesale price. We have wide range of colors and designs to choose from and all feature a sleek rope, high quality paper and stylish gloss finish. These are perfect ways to pack giveaways, promotional items and also products and merchandise. We offer wide range of options that are ideal for boutiques and jewelers who are looking for high class packaging that will impress their customers.

Our premium selection of gloss laminated paper bags. are made from a thick kraft paper with great gloss lamination. These bags also feature eyelets with soft cotton handles. You can customize them to have soft rope handles or lace rope handles for a more stylish effect. Anything you want, we can provide them for you.

Feel free to ask ask to display your logo on custom paper bags for a more understated elegance. We only work with high quality material and paper is a smart and eco-friendly alternative to plastic and also at a cheaper price. We can also include making and adding branded tissue paper that features your brand to promotional paper bags. Without a doubt, this added accent can instantly increase the value of anything that you place in the bag.

Basically, these paper bags are great options for special events like birthdays, weddings, company anniversaries and you can use them as good bags. They are also great for retail store uses. They are durable for heavier items because of its flat bottoms and gusseted sides.

You have to be particular with the style of the handle style when choosing a bag. Take at our samples to test bags in person and ensure they work for what you want them to do.

Go through our selection at Go Falcon Promotions we have all the popular colors available and they come in a variety of sizes. All our bags are eco-friendly since they are made with 100% recycled paper. Feel free to ask our customer sales support for your promotion options and wholesale discounts.

So, if you wan to choose the best paper bag for your marketing campaign, contemplate on the intended purpose of the bag. For instance, if you are marketing lifestyle or health products, then our earth-toned gloss paper bags fit in well since these give a close to home, natural feel. The classic white and pastel paper bags give a polished look appropriate for health care products or as loots bags fundraisers. The light toned paper bags also work well for any color design of any company logo.