Non Woven Tote Bags

Go Falcon Promotions offers high quality and durable non-woven tote bags as part of our promotional merchandise line, which are engineered for a long life. These are also available in colorful designs and styles.

We use durable polypropylene fabrics to make our quality bags. These are engineered rather than being knitted or weaved. We do this using single use or very durable fabrics and most of the fabrics we use are recycled, which makes our bags not only beautiful but eco-friendly as well.

As a cherry on top, we offer our non woven tote bags in an array of colors and styles. Our clients will surely find a perfect match and something that they can be proud of to represent their brand, business, event or for any of its intended purpose. We designed the bags to have a large imprint area to make way for your logo to be embroidered or printed on the fabric. We also have bigger sized bags that offer tons of space for the business details such as the name, logo, location and even your call to action, which makes it a wonderful promo gear.

All our prices for non-woven tote bags are offered at a wholesale levels. These makes it a really affordable solution for your marketing and event needs. So for instance, you wan to use the bag as a giveaway for birthdays, wedding and other events, you will surely find these practical and cost-efficient as well. Most of our non women bags are less than a dollar and making them in bulk is perfect especially for those small business that have tight budgets.

You can certainly make a professional impression by choosing our fashionable custom bags rather than those cheap looking plastic bags. Our non-woven tote bags are reusable which makes it much more convenient for your target audience and allows you to reach a far larger pool of customers and potential customers.

So basically, our promotional merchandises are perfect alternative to plastic bags and can be used as grocery tote page. This is versatile bags offers a trendy solution to carry items from your favorite stores. We also have bigger and much more durable bags that can be used to carry practically anything. These can be used as a laundry bag and even as a picnic bag for your fun day at the beach or the park. These bags can be used without worrying about things falling off.